Milkshakes for CFK-MILK PRODUCTS  

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Here are my entries for Preeti's CFK-MILK PRODUCTS brainchild of Sharmi

1. Persimmon Milkshake

2. Apple Strawberry Milkshake


wow lovely pink and beautiful yellow.. shakes.. atleast i take one glass now...

I am a big fan of strawberry milkshake too. And it's such a lovely color

Persimmon Milkshake looks wonderful. Iam definitely going to try this.

i love milkshakes. lovely entry

Thank you Heema, Simran, Sukanya, Deesha

Lovely milkshakes Trupti.

Trupti, I love the idea of using persimmon in a shake. Delicious.
To answer your question about pastry flour, I usually buy the 365 brand at Whole Foods. In the past I've also bought whole-wheat pastry flour from Arrowhead Mills and Bob's Red Mill.
Hope that helps :)

hey what lovely colors, thick yellow and light pink. good for parties.

Lovely milkshakes..Very much tempting..

A delicious spread of the strawberry one..yumm!!

i like the part where u say add cashew nuts, almond and cardamom powder. i think the cardamom powder gives it a Desi touch that i always love. i will most definitely try this out!

oh and congrats for the award!! :)

Milkshakes are looking inviting trupti.....Nice colors

Wow very creative milkshakes, loved them..

the colours look so yum!!!
marathi comment vachun khup sahi vatala!! :)

Thanks all for your lovely comments

love the persimmon milk shake.. nice idea.

yum yum, i like the color too.

Nice color....loos so tempting.Just finished breakfast would love to top it with a creamy milkshake:)

yummy drinks

Thank you Navita, Prema, Vandana, Shama

Persimmon milk shake looks super delicious.. Such a nice fruit, and I am sure the milkshake also tastes great!

Your milk shakes look perfect dear. Good to go with a breakfast.

i keep seeing persimmon in the stores but refrain from buying since i don't like them fresh. never thought of milkshakes before. lovely idea!!

Nice entries...looks yum everything

wow,2 good milkshakes trupti,looks mouthwatering!!

love the color of the persimmon milkshake!

Great to see u on my blog. Jus came along to check out your space.I love the persimmon milk shake. I love this fruit and have a couple on hand. Never thought of a shake with it. Cool.
Will be back on ur space:)

Thanks for visitng my blog.
Your blog looks too good and you have a lots of recipes here - difficult to decide which to try.

Hi Trupti

Thanks a lot

Have a good day


Thank you very much Sujatha, Vicky, Nags, Priti, Chitra, Rajani, SMitha, Sharada, niya

lovely post trupti..i love milk shakes

wow gorgeous milk shakes, beautiful colors!

Thank you very much Vidya & Aruna

yummy ...nice color milkshakes

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